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The technological strength is acknowledged from all over the world.

We design "SUGIMOTOKEI" eyewear here in Fukui which is very famous for optical frames production.
No need for wordy description, since our frames speak for themselves. They are the supreme products made by through high standards of crafstmanship.
We are particular about not only the originality like using the edges, but also confortable feel and visual performance. And, they continue to progress!

Craftsmanship from Fukui to the world!

We believe it's our mission to create those optical frames which best utilize fine craftsmanship. Various demands from our customers are the source of our design.

"We simply desire to create the best products!"

Without the people who agree with this passion, SUGIMOTOKEI can't exist. We'd like to bring out the goods which incorporate customer's demands, craftsmanship and SUGIMOTOKEI's design strength.

The more you desire, the better you will get chances for new discovery! There are a lot of unknowns about optical frames craft. This fact makes our endeavor even more challenging.

SUGIMOTOKEI's designer Yoshihiko Sugimoto